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Tuesday 2nd Of April




Registration & Coffee



Mr. Argyris Peroulakis, Head of Communications for the Representation of the European
Commission of Greece
Mr. Notis Mitarakis, Deputy Minister of Development, Competitiveness, Infrastructure, Transport
and Networks


A' PANEL: Project financing and the NSRF tools for Investment and infrastructure projects


Mr. Lutz-Christian Funke, Senior Vice-President responsible for Management Affairs and Corporate
Communications of KfW group
Mr. Αristomenis Syngros, Chairman of Invest In Greece
Mr. Vassilios Korkidis, President of the National Confederation of Hellenic Commerce
Mrs. Penelope Lazaridou, Deputy General Manager, Major Corporations and Structured Financing, Piraeus
Bank Group
Mr. Emmanuel Zozonakis, Manager of Structured Finances, Emporiki Bank
Coordinator: Mr. Antonis Papagiannidis, journalist, General Manager Economia Group


B' PANEL: Major construction projects on "restart"

Speech: Mr. Stratos Simopoulos, General Manager Public Works, Ministry of Development
Intervention: Dr. Platon Monokrousos, Head of Financial Markets Analysis, EUROBANK:
The importance of Public Investments for the return to sustainable growth

• Participants:

Mr. Christos Spirtzis, President of Greek Technical Chamber
Mr. Evangelos Kalamakis, Head of Investment Banking Department, ALPHABANK Group
Mr. Konstantinos Vassiliou, General Director-Head of Global Corporate Clients & Debt Capital Markets,
Mr. George Romosios, President of Panhellenic Association of Engineers αnd contractors of Public Works
Mr. George Vlachos, President, Association of Greek Contracting Companies
Representative, Association of Technical Companies of the Highest Classes
Coordinator: Mrs. Ada Seimanidi, Chief-Editor, A-Energy Investments

13:20-13:50 LUNCH


C' PANEL: The long expected ripe investments in waste treatment

Mrs. MaroEvangelidou, General Secretary, Environment, Energy and Climate Change (YPEKA)


First Part: Tenders in progress and the conditions for accelerate projects

• Participants:

Mr. Nikos Kalogeris, ViceGovernor for Spatial Planning and Environment, Region of Crete
Mr. George Poulokefalos, Chairman of Peloponnesian Regional Council, Peloponnesian Region (ΕPPΕRAΑ)
Mr. Demosthenes Mavridis, CEO of Waste Management System of Western Macedonia S.A. (DIADYMA)
Mr. Antonis Gakis, Executive Director of Environment, Region of Attica, member of the executive committee of Association of Communities and Municipalities in the Attica Region (A.C.M.A.R.)
Mr. Apostolos Papadopoulos, partner Grand Thornton
Coordinator: Dr. Constantinos Aravosis, President Hellenic Solid Waste Management Association (HSWMA)


Second Part: The great challenge of the PPP's

Greeting Representative, Greek Association of Environmental Protection Companies

• Participants:

Mr. Konstantinos Stavridis, Special Associate of National Bank, JESSICA program
Mr. Theodoros Moschos, Project Director AKTOR.
Mr. Athanasios Katris, President & CEO WATT S.A.
Mr. Procopios Dimitriadis, Partner of Law Firm "Lambadarios & Associates"
Investment Banking Directorate, Group ALPHABANK
Coordinator: Dr. Efstratios Kalogirou, President Waste-to-Energy Research and Technology Council
Investors' presentations will be included.


Third Part: Investments in recycling

• Participants:

Dr. Konstantina Lazaridi, President of the Board, Hellenic Recycling Agency (HRA)
Mrs. IroZervaki, Executive Consultant Region of Attica, Associate, GSEE Labor Institute
Mr. Spiros Demertzis, Member of the Board, Federation of Hellenic Recycling and Energy Recovery Industries
Mr. Yiannis Razis, General Manager, Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation
Mr. Dimitris Kanakopoulos, President of Composting Business Association
Mr. Epaminondas Vonazoundas, General Manager, Greek Alternative Vehicle Management
Mr. Socrates Famelos, General Manager, Development Agency of Eastern Thessaloniki's Local Authorities "ANATOLIKI"
Dr. Filippos Kirkitsos, President of Ecological Recycling Society
Presentation of case-study "Individual Alternative Management System for Packaging Waste"
AB Basilopoulos Group: Mrs. Alexia Machera, Communication and Sustainability Director.
Project Presentation in recycling field: Mr. Charalambos Eleftheriadis, Chemical Engineer, member of the board, WATT S.A.
Presentation of case-study of the Greek cement industry in the field of environmental investments and waste recovery:
Mr. Alexandros Katsiamboulas, Environmental Senior Manager Cement Division Greece TITAN
Mr. Andreas Hasiotis, Environmental Department AEIFOROS S.A.
Intervention: Mr. George Christopoulos, CEO PARALOS: Attention points on environmental construction
works and investments.
Coordinator: Mr. Panagiotis Skiadas, Chairman, Federation of Hellenic Recycling and Energy Recovery


D' PANEL: The current investment in biomass and biogas

• Participants:

Mr. Xenophon Kakatsios, Professor, National Technical University, Thermodynamic department
Mr. Christos Zafiris, board member Hellenic Biogas Association, Biomass Department of Center for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES)
Mr. Kostas Nasikas, member of the Board, Hellenic Biomass Association
Project Presentations in the field of Biomass and Biogas
Mr. Vassilios Βellis, Secretary General, Cooperative Energy company of Karditsa
LITHAIOS ENERGY: Mr. John Zolotas, RES Consultant
MALISS: Mr. Konstantinos Verganelakis, Operations Director HAASE
Other Projects
Coordinator: Mr. Antonis Gerasimou, President, Hellenic Biomass Association