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9:30-10:15  REGISTRATION

10.15 – 11.30   

Greeting from the Organizing Committee


Greeting: Mr. Argyris Peroulakis, Head of Communications for the Representation of the European Commission of Greece


Introductory speeches:


Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change


Mr. Nikolaos Stathopoulos, General Secretary of Transport


Brief Greetings:


Mr. Constantinos Askounis, President of Central Union of Municipalities of Greece (KEDE)


Mr. Christos Spirtzis, President Technical Chamber of Greece


Dr. Fragoulis Krokos, Manager of Standardization ESYP/ELOT



11.30-13.00Α’ Panel


First Part: Work Contracts of Energy Upgrades and Pilot Projects


Mr. Dimitrios Alexopoulos, Manager of Directorate of Efficient Use of Energy and Energy Saving, Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change: Presentation features energy service contracts


Mr. Dimitrios Dimitriou, Special Advisor, General Secretariat of Public Property: Freehold buildings of the Central Administration, the Community obligation of 3% annual renovation , the application of KENAK , the proposed modus operandi


Mr. Stathis Ragousis, CEO, PETA SA (Information, Training, Local Development SA): Experience of Local Government, contracts with municipalities and proposed pilot projects energy upgrades


Mr. Evangelos Kasselas, General Secretary Pan-Hellenic Association of Engineers Contractors of Public Works (PEDMEDE): Proposals for projects of energy upgrades in the public sector


Mr. Andreas Gerakakis, Member of the board, Association of Greek Contacting Companies (SATE)


Representative of Esco’s businesses: The labels of energy service companies


Suggestions of Pilot Projects: Mr. Charis Andreosatos, partner, CRES


Debate – Questions


Coordinator: Mr. George Kamaras, CEO Helesco



13.00- 13.30 Coffee Break



13.30-14.30 Second Part: Large customer savings and current needs


Intervention: the suggestion of DEPA: Saving gas , large buildings , homes, industrial customers, tourism.


Mr. Dimitrios Gerogiannis, Advisor, Ministry of Health: Hospitals and large consumers


Mr. Nikolaos Vernikos, President of International Chamber of Commerce – ICC Hellas: The hotels in the constellation of energy upgrades


Mr. Antonis Makris, President of Hellenic Retail Business Association: The Importance of saving projects at major retailers, shopping malls and supermarkets


Representatives of Greek Industries


Coordinator: Dr. Antonis Metaxas, Managing Partner, Metaxas and Associates Law Firm





14.30-15.15 Work- shop:Standards and technologies of Energy Saving



Mr. Vassilis Nikolopoulos, CEO INTELEN: Intelligent data management


Dr. George Bamopoulos, Directorate of Projection and Information, ESYP/ELOT: Developments in standards of energy management and Energy Saving.


Mr. Pantelis Pateniotis, Pan-Hellenic Association of Expanded Polystyrene - EPS Hellas: KENAK, NSRF and Energy Saving: Legal issues


Mr. George Milonakis, CEO, TÜV Rheinland: the ISO 50001


Coordinator: Mr. Apostolos Efthimiadis, member of the Scientific Committee Mechanical Engineering, Technical Chamber of Greece



15.15-16.30 Β’ Panel: Funding Saving 


Mrs. Gianna Nikou, Head of Unit A’ Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change: The program "Energy Efficiency at Residential Buildings”, thoughts for the next programming period, the potential expansion in commercial real estate.


Mr. Christos Drimousis, Executive Unit A1, Special Management Agency of the Operational Program "Competitiveness of Enterprises", Ministry of Development


Mr. Alexandros Poularikas, CEO Attica Finance: Interests and conditions of financial support of public and private projects on energy saving


Mr. Constantinos Gassios, Investment Bank of Greece, Responsible for Jessica Program


Representative, Pan-Cretan Bank


Mr. Dimitrios Andritsos*, CEO, Eurobank Property Services: Commercial – Business Property and energy saving


Intervention: Mr. John Orfanos, Director Investment Advisory, Green Value Associates: Alternative financing of projects of energy efficiency based on foreign practices


Mr. John Giannaros, TECH: Proposals of funding energy saving projects in Municipalities.




16.30- 16.45 Coffee Break



16.45-17.45 Suggestions of Entities:


Mr. Nikos Vlachakis, member of the board, Aluminium Association of Greece


Mrs. Dimitra Kontele, President of Association of Hellenic Manufacturers of Aluminum - SEKAS


Mr. Ioannis Nikitakis, President of Panhellenic Association of Insulation Companies - PSEM


Mr. Panagiotis Stapas, President of Hellenic Union of Heating Enterprises (ΕΝ.Ε.ΕΠΙ.Θ.Ε)


Mr. Anastasios Efstathiou, President of Pan-Hellenic Association of Mechanical Electricians (Π.Σ.Δ.Μ.Η.)


Coordinator: Mrs. Ada Seimanidi, Chief-Editor, A-Energy Investments


Debate - Questions



17.45- 18.30 C’ Panel: Energy efficiency in transport and alternative fuels


Mr. John Oikonomou, President & CEO O.SY. (Road Transport)


Mr. George Ageridis, Presidnet HEL.IEV (HELLENIC INSTITUTE OF ELECTRIC VEHICLES): The development of clean vehicles market with exploitation of unconventional fuels


Mr. George Chatzopoulos, Director of Strategy and Corporate Development, DEPA: Expanding the use of natural gas in vehicles, the network, the perspective.


Mrs. Vali Lioliou, Deputy Director, Testing Research and Standards Center PPC: European Programs to promote electrification in Greece        

Coordinator: Mr. Alaxandros Vrachnos, former president of the Committee for Green Transportation