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FIRST DAY (2 - 4 - 2013)

A current illustration of the new investment landscape

Panel I: Project financing and the NSRF tools for Investment and infrastructure projects

Topics: The sectors that contribute predominantly to the restoration of economical growth, such as, the strategic investments. The change of the credit criteria for the financing of investment and infrastructure projects, the shift from "corporate"- to "project financing"; the bank attitude towards the ripe and "safe performance" projects and investments. The valuable contribution of the Europea Investment Bank. The contribution of the NSRF and other development tools for the implementation of major projects and investments. Possible funding by the Greek banks in view of the imminent recapitalization. The urgently necessary recovery of the construction industry.

Panel Two: Major construction projects on "restart"

Topics: The influential contribution of the construction sector in tackling unemployment, current tenders; the challenges for restarting major projects; the immediate expectations; the difficulties which the companies face; the role of banks.

Panel Three: The long expected ripe investments in waste
The Panel is divided into three sections

A. The 13 tenders in progress, according to the Regional Solid Waste Management Plans in 2013. The viable solutions regarding the substitution of Municipal Dump Sites. The transitional period and the monitoring of projects for waste management. The tender for hazardous waste management. The dominant role of Regional government and Local authorities.
B. The great challenge of the PPP's; the methodology of project financing; the undefined elements regarding the "bankability" of new projects; the ability to utilize supplementary funding through the JESSICA program; the acceleration of projects and the "fast track" procedure.
C. Investing in a more qualitative recycling; "blue bins"; the rewarding system; ensuring the widest possible participation in recycling, door to door information; investments in composting; the management of industrial, toxic and infectious waste as a mature investment opportunity, energy usage of RDF (refuse-derived fuel) and SRF (solid-recovered fuels), interested cement- and other industrial units.

Panel Four: The current investment in biomass and biogas

Topics: The advantages of investment in biomass and growth potential of this market; the efforts of companies and local government agencies to manage biomass systems as a growing entrepreneurial area and the reformation of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and its effects on investment growth on biomass-biogas.