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SECOND DAY (3 - 4 - 2013)

Introductory section:

Panel I: The energy sector - in a landscape of reformation

Topics: The expected contribution of the energy sector to the growth of the economy. Current developments in the production and consumption of electrical power, large investments, restructuring of the electricity market, the prospect of renewable energy and other clean technologies, new investment opportunities and the energy transportation networks.

Panel Two: Development tools for investment and innovative projects in clean and renewable energy

Topics: Current developments in investment law; large and small investments; new integrations; the NSRF tools; the ability and the criteria for funding innovative projects and investments; experience in financing similar projects in other countries.

Panel Three: The timeless value of wind and hydropower

Topics: Investment in the wind industry; the new Law on RES; pending investments; the contribution of wind farms to the competitiveness of the system; in view of the energy market redesign; offshore investments (off-shore wind) and their contribution to the network connection of the Greek islands; funding criteria; the special importance of hydropower.

Panel Four: The "new deal" Photovoltaics and exports

Topics: Arrangements for photovoltaics and competitive process for the continuation of the development of the industry, other countries experience, the shift of industry companies in neighboring PV markets (Albania, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine); the export of services; products and expertise; existing case-studies; other alternatives for companies in the field.

Presentation of the relevant framework for the development of renewable energy, particularly of solar energy,in Albania, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine (from Greek commercial attachés or commercial attachés of embassies of these countries in Athens).

Greek companies presentation already active in foreign markets.