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First Day (2 July)

First panel: The development we wish for

Topics: The areas identified by the government and political parties as a priority to restarting growth. The proposals of banks and relevant scientific entities for development. The enduring contribution of the energy and the necessary recovery of the construction sector. The investments which are in priority. The prospects for the stock market. Privatization and the revival of the investment climate.

Second panel: Sustainable development and management of energy resources

Topics: The proposals and remarks of enterprises for sustainable development and investments and the contribution of each company in the development of Greek entrepreneurship. The EU strategy aiming to reduce energy imports and achieve energy self-sufficiency. The overall benefits will flow to the real economy and businesses from rationalized energy management at all levels. The options in the production, distribution and use of energy to protect the environment, while maintaining and improving the competitiveness of enterprises.

Investment in upgrading of electricity and gas energy networks. “Smart” networks and “smart” meters in the service of rationalized energy management.

Topics: The new investments in upgrading of electricity transmission and distribution throughout the country. Safeguarding energy cost at the lowest possible level and the importance of real time measuring. The advanced systems measurement management (Smart Grid and Smart Metering). The implications for the general public, the changes to our lives through the forthcoming implementation of "smart" networks and "smart" meters. European directives in the field of energy measurement and the related planning of PPC and the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change. The replacement of electric power metering systems with modern and "smart" meters in Europe. The possibility of funding through the European Investment Bank and the EU Cohesion Funds. The management and analysis of real-time data that will derive from the installation of smart energy meters (Meter Data Management). The significance of continuous investment in distribution networks of electricity across the country for energy efficiency. The special importance of investing for the interconnection of non-connected islands. The development of "smart" and sustainable electricity networks on the islands, under conditions of penetration of renewable energy sources (RES) in large scale. New investments in transmission and storage of natural gas. Related projects.

In search of competitive energy costs for the development and the sustainability of the Greek industry.

Topics: The registration of energy consumption and the correlations between energy consumption and production. Cost recording and key areas of energy efficiency improvements. The economic benefits that may result from this process. The cost of gas and electricity tariffs. The proposals of the industries. What will apply to auctions of electricity and the expected developments in the mechanism of variable cost support. What happens in other countries on the compensation mechanism carbon leakage. The utilization of CO2 emissions allowances and trading of equivalent tones of CO2 as a stock market product. The liberalized natural gas market, the challenges and opportunities in view of the privatization of DEPA. The achievement of cost-competitive energy for the Greek industry and the new landscape involving alternative suppliers. The implementation of programs cost saving from the Greek industry.

Fifth panel: The new scenery for low voltage consumers and the new opportunities for alternative suppliers.

Topics: The new Code of RAE for Electricity Supply Procurement. The low and medium voltage tariffs. Linking the electricity wholesale price with retail. Household tariffs. Social tariffs. The development of healthy competition and the equal and transparent access for all interested suppliers and producers in Networks of Electricity and retail electricity market. The current activity and suggestions of alternative suppliers of electricity for households and businesses. Auctions of electricity and more comprehensive conditions for expansion of this market.

Closing Speeches and Remarks of the relevant official bodies regarding the further reform process of the RES support system.